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About Us

L’Atelier Du Brigadeiro, AKA Atelier the Brigadeiro, is a Texas based artisan brand of gourmet Brigadeiros and Specialty Sweets.

Brigadeiro [ Bree-gah-day-ro] - noun: Worldwide popular bite-sized dessert, best described as a fusion between a truffle and a fudge ball, handcrafted with Belgian chocolates, a variety of natural flavors and rolled in a unique layer of various sprinkles.

With plenty of unique flavors with a traditional twist, our mission is forthright: to create and share our Brigadeiros with everyone and make each bite memorable.

Behind our creations

Karla Caldas is behind the creation of all the flavors at L’Atelier Du Brigadeiro. She inherited the passion for making sweets from her family. After departing from the corporate sector, she established L’Atelier Du Brigadeiro to share her life's passion of making these scrumptious gourmet Brigadeiros with everyone.

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