General Information

Ingredients & allergens

Brigadeiros: Milk, Sugar, Cacao, Cocoa Powder and Cocoa Butter.

Allergens Warnings: Contains Milk. Not suitable for individuals with milk allergies.

Some flavors contain: nuts, fruit paste and spices. Some sprinkles contain wheat.

Nuts are processed in our facility.

Contact us at for detailed information per Brigadeiro flavor.

How to Handle

Keep the product refrigerated to maintain and prolong its soft and smooth texture. Consume at room temperature, 70 degrees (21ºC). It is best if consumed within 20 days from production date.


Absolutely!  We have an array of flavors, but we love creating custom orders.  Please let us know how we can serve you!

Delivery Options

Delivery in spring and surrounding areas

$1.00 per mile round trip from our location

Delivered orders are made from Monday to Saturday, between 10am-5pm. If you have a specific delivery date make sure to email us at

weddings - delivery and set up fee

The delivery fee includes set up time. Delivery is $25 (<30 miles) or $50 (>40 miles) plus $1.00 per mile round trip from our location.

If you have a specific delivery date make sure to email us at

Pick Up in Spring and Houston - No charge

Pick up orders available from Monday to Friday, between 10am - 5pm. Contact us at to scheduled your preferable pick up date & time.